1. shortattentionadvice:

    The Times rightly observed that “Studies show that as occupations gain a higher percentage of female workers, the pay for those jobs goes down relative to wages in similarly skilled jobs that remain bastions of male employment,” while at the same time noting that women are blamed for the gap for entering “women’s fields,” with their lower levels of pay.

    In other words, the gap is not due to the nature of the work, but to the gender doing it.

    Why We Assume the Pay Gap Doesn’t Apply to Us


  3.  No one in government is likely to lend a hand to working mothers. They’re happy to protect a zygote, but if that zygote develops into a fetus and is eventually born as a squalling, rights-demanding woman, not so much.

  4. You know how working moms are always taking time off because their kid is sick or there’s a school play or something, and that’s why they’re just unreliable workers who can’t be trusted with real responsibility. Yeah, that’s bullshit — and there’s data to prove it. Jezebel