3. St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, Los Angeles, California

  4. Greek Orthodox Church, Los Angeles

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  10. "He sat on a slab of sandstone … and saw the San Fernando Valley spread out below him like a dark pit into which all the stars in the universe had been poured. Each light out there, each of those infinite dots of light, marked a house or business, and what would his father think … the developer, the builder of tract homes and shopping centers?

    This was the fruit of ten thousand [fathers], a hundred thousand, the city built out beyond any reason or limit. Would he say enough is enough - or would he applaud all those intrepid builders, say a prayer of thanksgiving for all those roofs erected over all those aspiring heads.” T.C. Boyle, A Friend of the Earth


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    "Don’t tell me what to do, and I won’t tell you what to do. That’s my motto. I have a lot of feelings about the decisions of my family members, but I don’t ever offer my opinion unless I’m asked. And that’s why I’m still invited to parties."

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    We’re also wishing a happy National Siblings Day to Sarah Manning and Helena (RIP).

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    Id-iom – How can I tell her

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